Any business that deals with flammable liquids, machinery, or processes that carry the risk of ignition or explosion need to have a Pre-Start Health & Safety Review conducted to determine that they are compliant when it comes to Risk of Ignition or Explosion .

If your business requires a PHSR for Flammable Liquid Storage , it more than likely will require one for Risk of Ignition or Explosion  as well.

An explosion would be devastating to your business and often results in a stop in production, employee injury, and other legal problems.

The WINTEK Engineering Approach:

  • Investigate your machines and processes and the overall ignition and explosion risk they pose. Typical things include areas where flammable liquids and sprays are dispensed, processes that combine specific chemicals and materials, and in settings where molten and solid metals are part of the manufacturing process.
  • Propose compliant solutions that are cost-effective and designed to keep your business running.
  • Develop proactive plans that focus on safety.
  • Provide complete support throughout the entire PHSR process, ensuring that you understand what is wrong, how to fix it, and that any questions you have get properly answered.

Our detailed PHSRs help prevent large-scale accidents from every happening. Contact us today if you need to test for this trigger, or if you have any questions.

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