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The Pre-start Health and Safety Review process is now mandatory in Ontario. As a business, you can’t afford costly downtime.

That’s where WINTEK Engineering LTD. comes into play.

With over a decade of successful PHSR experience, we understand what it takes to make your business compliant with the government’s strict regulations.

Our firm is dedicated to helping you understand the PHSR process, how they work, and how you can quickly become compliant.



With over a decade of experience, we know what regulators are looking for and we have helped hundreds of businesses become compliant. Our thorough review process identifies and helps you fix any flaws in your manufacturing processes.


The PHSR process requires an innovative approach. While regulations are the same across the board, every business has its own unique way to approaching compliance. We work with your business to identify personalized solutions.


You’ve worked hard to build your business. Our goal is to help you protect that hard work. We approach every PHSR with a high degree of professionalism, providing you exceptional service at a reasonable price.

Don’t leave your health and safety to chance. You can count on our engineers to help you identify potentially fatal flaws, major safety concerns, regulatory problems, and other issues with your machinery and processes.

We help you stay compliant so you can keep your business running.

If you’d like to learn more about how we approach the PHSR process, fill out the form below.

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