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Understanding Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews

Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews were made mandatory for all businesses as of October 2000. PHSRs must be completed for any new or used process or equipment that has been installed or modified in a new or existing workplace. Many companies are unknowingly violating these regulations and are at risk of major fines.

WINTEK Engineering LTD. is here to help businesses:

  • Understand the PHSR process
  • Identify if they need to complete a PHSR
  • Explain the benefits of the PHSR process
  • Detail the consequences for not completing a PHSR when required
  • Explain how a company can obtain a PHSR

With over a decade of successful PHSR experience, we understand what it takes to make your business compliant with the government’s strict regulations.

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When is PHSR Required?

The Pre-start Health and Safety Review process is now mandatory in Ontario. As a business, you can’t afford costly downtime.

A Pre-Start Health & Safety Review is Required For:

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