Any business that stores flammable liquids needs to complete a PHSR for any equipment or processes involving them. This trigger is most commonly associated with “Risk of Ignition or Explosion ” because of the relationship between the two triggers.

We offer detailed PHSR services to help you identify and fix any potential problems with your flammable liquid storage.

The WINTEK Engineering Approach:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment and processes in question.
  • Test bonding and grounding to ensure that it is up to code and compliant with current regulations.
  • Complete element analysis of storage and dispensing rooms, vessels, and dryers to validate enclosure strength. The results of this step dictate the venting area required and whether your business can use a suppression system (as per NFPA 68 and 69).
  • Calculate NFPA 68 for your business.
  • Design necessary ventilation systems that are compliant.
  • Answer any questions that you may have about our findings, action plans, and everything related to the general PHSR.

If you need a PHSR for Flammable Liquid Storage , WINTEK Engineering is here to help.

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